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Article published by Kristina on 2016-03-13
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Many handkerchiefs were sold in lots of six (half a dozen). After embroidering and perhaps a hem of blanket-stitching the handkerchiefs were gently folded, attached to each other with thread or pins, maybe got a bottom cardboard and finally a ribbon with a bow. To show the good quality there was a metal seal. Many handkerchiefs had rich white embroideries and there often were flower garlands in the corners .

Many packages are still intact.

Here are some of my handkerchiefs in packages:

An unusual presentation

Rating 3.5 (2 votes).

A fine gift box

Rating 5.0 (3 votes).

A package of six

Rating 5.0 (5 votes).

A sweet gift box

Rating 4.8 (6 votes).

A gift box for the ladies

Rating 4.0 (9 votes).

A pack of six

Rating 4.2 (11 votes).

A small gift package

Rating 3.6 (5 votes).

Everyday hankies in a gift box

Rating 3.3 (7 votes).

A cellophane package

Rating 4.0 (21 votes).

A small gift box

Rating 3.9 (22 votes).

A plain gift packet

Rating 3.2 (16 votes).

Gift box

Rating 4.0 (30 votes).

Belgian gift box

Rating 4.8 (24 votes).

Gift box

Rating 4.2 (15 votes).


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