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At a visit to an antique shop in Gothenburg I got an offer to buy two special handkerchiefs. They had belonged to an old lady who had been imployed at the Royal Castle in Stockholm.When she retired, she got some textiles as a keepsake.

From a shelf under the counter the saleswoman took a roll with a few handkerchiefs. One of them was a silk handkerchief with a fine hem and with a crown and a monogram Oscar II in one corner, all embroidered in silk . It was not used and I think that it was a gift from a royalist admirerer. Oscar was King of Sweden 1872-1907. The other handkerchief was made of the finest lawn with lace, handmade plaits and in one corner a crown and monogram S.It had belonged to Queen Sofia married to Oscar II. This handkerchief was well used and even very neatly mended.The Queen had probably used it in different ways such as wiping the chair, drying her hands or waving goodbye. It was big, much bigger than hankies nowadays, but not bigger than other handkerchiefs from that time.

Of course I bought them! When I came home I wrote a letter to The Swedish Court with a wonder if it was customary with textile keepsakes and got a very kind answer that it was rather usual.

I am very pleased with my purchase.

Below you can see the handkerchiefs.

Queen Sofia

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