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The current selection contains 229 hankies out of totally 2426 in my museum. 20 hankies per page are shown.

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Superior embroidery

Rating 5.0 (8 votes).

Excellent corner embroidery

Rating 3.8 (5 votes).

A really delightful edging

Rating 4.9 (15 votes).

A neat edging

Rating 4.0 (6 votes).

With a nice edging

Rating 4.6 (9 votes).

What a beautiful embroidery

Rating 4.4 (7 votes).

Linen hankies with plenty of embroideries

Rating 4.0 (6 votes).

Three hankies in finest lawn

Rating 4.0 (6 votes).

Three hankies from Asia

Rating 4.3 (6 votes).

Edel´s handmade handkerchiefs

Rating 3.7 (3 votes).

A small wellmade handkerchief

Rating 4.3 (7 votes).

Fantasy machine- embroidery

Rating 3.1 (8 votes).

Small twigs

Rating 4.5 (12 votes).

Well-made drawnwork

Rating 4.6 (8 votes).

A cute border

Rating 4.2 (6 votes).

A lot of work

Rating 4.8 (16 votes).

A wide drawn threadwork

Rating 4.3 (9 votes).

A really beautiful wedding handkerchief

Rating 5.0 (36 votes).

Fine every day

Rating 3.3 (8 votes).

Scalloped embroidery

Rating 4.4 (10 votes).
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