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Article published by Kristina on 2016-02-06
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After the Second World War, travelling round the world accelerated. Many people who travelled to different countries and landmarks wanted to have souvenirs to take home. Many collected souvenir handkerchiefs and handkerchiefs with pictures of beautiful nature and important buildings were printed in bright colors. Many handkerchiefs were framed and were placed in halls and stairways.

In the United States they printed state handkerchiefs, including maps, state flowers and famous places. Many had colored scalloped edge.

Sure, it was a good souvenir! It took no place, could be used as a map and at home, you could remember the trip by looking at the handkerchief.

In the US, the price for a state handkerchief is 18 -25 dollars. In Sweden we haven´t any province handkerchiefs. Town handkerchiefs from Eksjö, Stockholm, Gränna and other places are printed on artificial silk and many have a fringe edge. Secondhandprices are very low.

Examples of US state handkerchiefs:

Wisconsin, the badger state

Rating 3.7 (7 votes).

Connecticut- - a state handkerchief

Rating 3.3 (12 votes).

New Jersey- a state hanky

Rating 4.1 (17 votes).

Kansas- a state hanky

Rating 4.1 (12 votes).

California- a state hanky II

Rating 4.0 (16 votes).

California - a state hanky

Rating 4.2 (23 votes).


Rating 4.0 (24 votes).


Rating 4.0 (22 votes).


Rating 3.3 (29 votes).


Rating 3.9 (18 votes).

Wisconsin, the badger state

Rating 3.4 (22 votes).


Rating 3.1 (21 votes).

Washington State

Rating 3.3 (36 votes).


Rating 4.1 (20 votes).


Rating 4.0 (33 votes).


Rating 3.1 (27 votes).


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