Handkerchief Thoughts 2010

In 2009, I thought about reducing my handkerchief collection, and in October the idea became into action. I bought an old oak cupboard"The apple" and moved my collection to the cupboard. When I assorted the handkerchiefs, I picked away a lot. Some of them I gave away, some of them I sent to the flea market and some of them I sold., Some ended up in boxes to be saved.

My actual collection I sorted into different categories. Each category was put in a folded towel, which got a ribbon with the text Lace, Monogram etc.. It was so nice to look into the cupboard.

It was an intention with the towels. All of them had something special. Some were hand-woven by my mother in law, others had belonged to my mother, my grandmother, my aunt and Magnus´ aunt. Some I had bought at the flea market because they were beautiful and well made. Now they enhance my collection, I think.

A special pile of handkerchiefs are on top of the shelves. There I put the latest bargains, yet not sorted. They should be taken care of and end up in HB.

Now it's hard to make handkerchief bargains. Flea markets have few handkerchiefs of such fine quality as the handkerchiefs, which I found during the early 90s. On Tradera there sometimes are fine handkerchiefs. From Ebay it is difficult to shop now because of U.S. high postage costs.

Sometimes I get a mail or a phone call with. a question if I want to receive handkerchiefs to my collection. If I want to! It is a daunting pleasure to open such a parcel. I have not yet been disappointed!

I have more and more hanky holders. Many of them are so well made! Lace and embroidery are common, but I have also received a holder with a small doll head on. Now I am considering how to use the pile. Night caches can be beautiful and personal pillows. Perhaps a hanky holder on linen background would be an eye-catcher. Collections are to be seen! In three places in our house I show handkerchiefs. Under a glass plate on the sideboard in the dining room there are different handkerchiefs, depending on the season. The bedroom has a plate stuffed with state handkerchiefs (USA) and near the "Apple"-cabinet there is a glazed plate with my favourite handkerchief.

Finally: Handkerchief collecting has given me many nice e-mail friends.

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