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The current selection contains 164 hankies out of totally 2185 in my museum. 20 hankies per page are shown.

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Doris´ hanky

Rating 2.9 (19 votes).

Monogram C

Rating 4.0 (28 votes).

Monogram E in grey

Rating 4.2 (18 votes).

Monogram N with arabesques

Rating 4.9 (28 votes).

Monogram S with butterflies

Rating 4.0 (15 votes).

Monogram E

Rating 4.9 (32 votes).

Monogram T

Rating 4.5 (28 votes).

Monogram S

Rating 4.3 (30 votes).

Gossamer hanky with monogram T

Rating 4.0 (20 votes).

Pretty monogram R

Rating 5.0 (38 votes).

A wonderful M

Rating 4.9 (30 votes).

Five magnificent monograms

Rating 4.1 (24 votes).

Linen with monogram N

Rating 4.1 (29 votes).

A nice monogram G

Rating 5.0 (36 votes).

A gift to H…

Rating 3.3 (24 votes).

From a gift box

Rating 4.0 (25 votes).

Monogram F with flower arabesque

Rating 4.2 (24 votes).

Monogram D on a black hanky

Rating 3.1 (28 votes).

Monogram E with an outline

Rating 3.1 (33 votes).

Monogram M on a brown background

Rating 2.8 (26 votes).
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