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Airy tatted lace and Irish linen

Rating 3.9 (8 votes).

Connecticut- - a state handkerchief

Rating 3.2 (10 votes).

New Jersey- a state hanky

Rating 4.1 (17 votes).

A maginficent poinsettia

Rating 4.6 (19 votes).

Grand yellow roses

Rating 3.5 (15 votes).

Autumn colours

Rating 3.8 (16 votes).

Kansas- a state hanky

Rating 4.1 (12 votes).

A plain print i blue and pink

Rating 3.3 (11 votes).

A white crochet border

Rating 3.8 (12 votes).

A crochet pastel corner

Rating 3.4 (19 votes).

Hanky for the breast-pocket

Rating 3.6 (13 votes).

Two old netlace hankies

Rating 3.1 (18 votes).

Blue poppies

Rating 3.9 (12 votes).

Old and turned yellow

Rating 4.1 (20 votes).

US souvenir

Rating 3.8 (12 votes).

Blue tulips

Rating 3.2 (24 votes).

Horoscope of the Crab

Rating 5.0 (26 votes).

Pattern in black and white

Rating 3.8 (12 votes).

Design Jeanne Miller

Rating 4.9 (24 votes).

Design Betty Anderson

Rating 4.1 (24 votes).
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